it all begins with a vision

to foster an authentic relationship between life and self to help you reveal a life without limits.


How may I help?


Individual coaching sessions

Dive into focused areas of your life to map and inspire. Get CLEAR on your intentions and core desires! These sessions are designed to help you understand your core desires and allow you to live your life feeling fulfilled, and with purpose. Finally.


public speaking/key note addresses

Having worked from varied vantage points as a leader in organizations ranging from academia, non-profits, corporate, and as an entrepreneur, Kelly provides a unique expertise that she tailors to your organization for actionable change and motivation.


Organizational/group workshops

Engage and connect to resurface the purpose and core goals of your organization and/or group. Kelly is experienced in bringing teams together, and creating understanding of how individuals serve their passion, while serving needs of the organization.



An introduction to The Desire Map: a guide to creating goals with soul

When you think of the word “goals” what comes to mind?

High fives or disappointment?

Encouragement or anxiety?

I’m leading a workshop about a NEW way to set goals that feel good to make and if you want a sneak peek, it’s yours. Details for my upcoming intro session are here.

Your Core Desired Feelings (the way you want to feel every day of your life) are a guidance system for making choices and for being more present and alive. Learn more about tapping into them here.

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