Live without limits.


"I don't know WHAT I want to do [with my career/relationship]..."

How many times have you said or thought this? 

Not knowing your purpose can leave you feeling like you are floating, without intention, and empty. Wondering why you feel stuck.

Are you living your true, core desires?

Do you know how you want to feel in every area of your life? How do you want to feel when you go to work? When you are around your friends? Are you living your truest potential based upon your core desires and feelings?

I can help. 

Lets get CLEAR on your Intentions and Core Desires. 


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About Kelly Tanner

I have lead with many, learned from all, and have varied experiences and contexts to share related to individual, group, and organizational strategy and leadership.

I will finish my PhD in Organizational Leadership in 2019, and I have learned to ask different questions about how we develop our leadership and nurture our followers, how we form groups, and about how we use our core desires to illuminate our best self.  

I provide 1:1 mentorship, empowerment coaching and counseling, teach group workshops and classes and facilitate retreats for people who are interested in heightening their awareness of self and in nurturing their capacity for consciousness and emotional resiliency. My goal is to foster an authentic relationship between life and self to help you reveal a life without limits.